Remember, Remember

I’m after a call with The Most Supportive Person In Academia, G—– (not her actual title) (should be though if you ask me) and found out, after more than one year of sitting around the same lunch table, that she was personally interested in positive psychology and well-being. This was of course shocking, since I apparently never bothered to ask her where she came from and what she did. I’ll probably sneakily google her because at this point I’m too ashamed to ask.

The whole episode once again prompts my inner Hannibal Lecter to consider keeping files on my friends and co-workers (how am I supposed to remember everything???) – anyway, the talk proved insanely helpful and motivating.

In addition to helpful resources, I was advised to document my research process, a helpful tip that perfectly coincides with yesterday’s moment of realizing my so-called “notes” on the couple of HCI for Mental Health papers F—– had given me as starting points turned out to be the ramblings of a madman – I’ve forgotten absolutely everything I read last month even though I thought I was being all cute taking notes. Turns out there’s the right and the wrong kind of notes. Probably has something to do with not having a question, plan or direction.

I’ve decided to fix that next week, but first: this week is dedicated to gaining a foothold on the whole mental health bit. This is my current position:

Of course, these are now just boxes, because I have yet to find out which one of these components will be my frame, which my lens, which my focus, or, or, or. So what I will do now is read into the first “column” my research will be built on, and by read I mean do Laurie Santos’ Yale online course “The Science of Well-being” because if studying at two universities has taught me anything, it’s that courses are my guides when I begin any journey.

So here we are: A research blog is begun. Let’s see if I can keep it up.

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